Vestibular Treatments in Aurora That Work

We supply vestibular treatments in Aurora that work.  There are a variety of options available including treatments for balance problems, vestibular loss and even benign positional vertigo.

All of the treatments provided are drug-free and safe. What’s more, they are administered by a registered physiotherapist. We also have expertise in relieving dizziness. The natural treatments for dizziness and programs we offer provide excellent relief. In fact, these techniques are known to work better than some of the medications prescribed for this ailment.

Hands-On Maneuvers

The programs that we offer for natural dizziness in Toronto include several different hands-on maneuvers. Quite often it only takes one or two sessions to make a big difference for his clients.

These vestibular treatments in Aurora work because they are customized for each and every patient. Some of the people who come to see us do well with motion desensitization exercises. The reason is simple. A number of the vestibular conditions we see are sensitive to different types of movement.

Unique Concussion Treatment for Aurora Patients

Offering effective solutions means having a selection of unique concussion treatment for Aurora patients’ choices. Sports concussions often require a higher degree of clinical skills. They demand a more analytical approach. Professionals also need to have a greater understanding of how and when athletes can return to their events.

We have several specialized tools that can make accurate evidence-based assessments. They include a Reaction Time Test. This is instrumental for sporting events with high agility and speed requirements.

Cardiovascular Assessment Tools

We also have some of the most innovative cardiovascular assessment tools in the industry. The Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test is another cardiovascular assessment tool. These and other techniques are designed as a full package for unique concussion treatment for Aurora patients.

Along with cardiovascular fitness, it’s also important to gauge core stability and neck strength. These tools are also effective at gauging coordination and agility after concussion.

The concussion treatment in Aurora that’s offered here also includes motor vehicle accident related issues. These require special attention because they are different in several ways from other concussions. We have a variety of different solutions available including activity reconditioning and neck therapy.