Vestibular Treatments in Brampton

These treatments are very effective for conditions causing balance and dizziness issues. We use these science-based programs to help you feel like yourself again. There are many benefits including the fact there is no medication involved.

This type of therapy can help with a variety of issues. Understanding if you need it means identifying the following symptoms.

  • Nausea when you move your head is a definite indication of a problem . Likewise with blurred vision that occurs with head movements.
  • Do you have trouble walking in a dark room? Vestibular treatments for Brampton clients work effectively on this issue.
  • If you suffer from vertigo or dizziness, you should book a consultation with us.

There are many different reasons why you can suffer with these symptoms. Paul Godlewski and Brendan Pynenburg are thoroughly trained in the treatments that can help. They both know where these techniques are effective and where they are not.

One or Two Sessions

For example, certain conditions are easy to treat like Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). Quite often this condition can be cleared up in just one or two sessions.

This type of physiotherapy is also useful for balance problems. These can be the result of different factors. They can be quite common in the elderly.

Concussion Treatment in Brampton

We understand that effective concussion treatment in Brampton starts with an accurate assessment. Every concussion is different and every patient unique. Before any treatment starts, we carry out a thorough concussion assessment. It’s designed to pinpoint unique needs and problems related to your injury.

There are a variety of physiotherapy services available to treat your symptoms. They include:

Physiotherapy for patients suffering with post-concussion syndrome. This condition is unique. Patients experience different symptoms than those with a mild concussion.

A More Balanced State

The goal of these concussion treatment in Brampton services is to restore a more balanced state in the brain while relieving symptoms at the same time. For acute concussions, treatment begins with education about energy management and proper rest.

Balance training and neck therapy are two more areas that get covered. It’s important to improve the stability, strength and range in the neck after a concussion.

Symptom Relief

We provide concussion treatments for Brampton clients that includes symptom relief. Acupuncture is helpful for symptoms like nausea, dizziness and headaches.

These treatments are effective for people who have suffered a sports concussion too. Anyone who suffers from physical symptoms that linger like dizziness, vertigo and fatigue can benefit.