Brendan Pynenburg, PT

Brendan graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master’s of Science in Physiotherapy (MScPT), this after he completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology from McMaster University. He is a registered Physiotherapist with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Brendan Pynenburg has his own consulting company Fulcrum Physiotherapy. He is in the process of buying Paul Godlewski’s practice. This will be complete on Paul’s retirement in Feb 2025.

He provides Vestibular, Concussion and Orthopaedic assessment and treatment services to: Trilogy Physiotherapy West and Evolve Chiropractic

To deliver the best care, he takes a multidisciplinary approach. He collaborates closely with Paul Godlewski, PT and other in-clinic therapists.

Brendan Pynenburg also works with many out-of-house specialists including: Sports physicians, Otolaryngologists, Neuro-Optometrists, Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Psychological counselors.


Brendan completed post-graduate training in concussion and vestibular rehabilitation, manual therapy rehabilitation, and acupuncture. He is committed to lifelong learning and evidence-based practice. For more information on his concussion and vestibular special services, please click: