Vestibular Treatments for Milton Patients

Our number one priority is making you feel like yourself again with a series of professional Vestibular Treatments in Milton. We understand there are many different causes of dizziness. The treatment programs can help up to  66% of those patients.

We know the ailments that can be treated with Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VTR). We understands the specific conditions that can be treated using the correct remedy.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is the medical name for one of these afflictions. Usually it only takes one or two sessions to clear this up completely.

Successful Treatments

Understanding this issue is important to successfully treating it. This problem is commonly called vertigo. It’s a spinning sensation that some people get when they get up from bed. This condition starts with the  ear generally and the vestibular system specifically.

Understanding the symptoms will help you get the right treatment. These include unsteadiness and a loss of balance as well as nausea.

Finding the right help starts off with an assessment. That’s the first step to getting the Vestibular Treatments in Milton that help.

Concussion Treatment in Milton

We understand how to tailor efficient concussion treatment to Milton clients. He understands that each and every situation is unique and different. Concussions are diverse and required specific therapies. All of the ones used here are science-based.

Physiotherapy for mild concussions in Milton is one option. It’s important to understand that a large number of people who get concussed recover within just a few months. The therapies offered can hasten recovery while lowering the chances of a relapse.

We also offers physiotherapy for post concussion syndrome in Milton. There’s a small number of patients who can develop this issue. This is a separate condition and can develop 1-3 months after the – incident. That’s why it requires a different approach as well as a special body of experienced training and knowledge.

Many people who suffer through a concussion have issues with their sight. That’s another area of the concussion treatment in Milton services offered here. We are well versed in the exercises that help your brain to tackle vision issues.

We also offer cognitive training for his patients that can benefit from brain training exercises. Getting started on the road to recovery is as easy as contacting us. We will tailor make a concussion treatment in Milton program to your specific needs.