Mississauga Dizziness Home Treatment

Mississauga Dizziness Home Treatment

Dizziness Home Treatment in Mississauga | Tele-rehab for Dizziness

Concussion and Vestibular assessment are done in-clinic at Trilogy Physiotherapy. Treatment appointments are offered Monday through Thursday.

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Living in Mississauga or further away from Toronto, it can be hard to access specialized therapies. This becomes a barrier especially for individuals who are also dealing with dizziness conditions such as Vestibular Neuritis and Labyrinthitis, where traveling is not just troublesome, but often leads to a worsening of their dizziness and nausea.

Via Tele-rehab, we are offering Mississauga Dizziness Home Treatment and in other nearby communities in North Toronto and West Toronto. This includes Newmarket, Aurora, King City, Halton Hills, Vaughan, Georgetown, Caledon, Burlington, Milton, and Oakville. These communities are not so far from our west end practice. So patients generally tolerate well coming for one in-clinic assessment. Most patients who live or work further away are fine with this approach if they know they can thereafter receive treatment from home.

Dizziness Physiotherapy (AKA Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy / VRT) can easily be accomplished via phone and video links. For more information about our VRT Tele-rehab services, please press:

Mississauga Dizziness Home Treatment sessions are very similar to the quality sessions delivered by Paul and his associates in his Etobicoke location. For more information about our VRT treatments, please press:

For dizziness home treatments in Mississauga or tele-rehab for dizziness, please call us today.