Efficient Vestibular Treatments in Newmarket

We have the education and experience that make his Vestibular Treatments in Newmarket effective. This form of physiotherapy treats a variety of different balance conditions. It involves diverse exercises and maneuvers that relieve dizziness and vertigo.

Physiotherapy for balance problems is one of the areas of expertise we excel in. There are a variety of different reasons behind these issues. Understanding the reasons for these conditions starts with an assessment. We have extensive training in vestibular rehabilitation treatments in Newmarket and orthopedic physiotherapy. The combination allows us to zero in on contributing factors.

Improving Reaction Speed

The Toronto balance programs we have can help you do several things including improving your reaction speed. These customized exercises include ones that improve your static balance capabilities. There are also more dynamic exercises that involve movement and stability.

Making sure patients get a full range of treatment includes manual mobilization and motion exercises. We have a host of drills including ones for strengthening and stabilization that pinpoint your core, hips and knees and ankles.

Vestibular loss is another condition that gets effectively treated here. This issue occurs when there is a problem with the nerves transmitting information  to your brain.

Inner Ear

One of the more common conditions is caused by swelling and infection of the inner ear structures.

We prescribe a variety of treatment programs. These include exercises that will enhance your gaze stability. These are specifically designed to improve your balance after a vestibular loss. These are Vestibular Treatments in Newmarket that work. 

A Concussion Treatment for Newmarket Clients That Gets Results

Results are the most important thing after you’ve suffered a concussion. Helping you get healthy is the priority for us. Our concussion treatment for Newmarket clients services accomplish that goal.

We knows that every patient is unique. That also applies to the concussions they suffer. The beginning of any treatment plan starts with an hour-long assessment. We offer a variety of treatments including physiotherapy for post-concussion syndrome in Newmarket.

There is also physiotherapy for sports concussions for Newmarket athletes. The treatment regime here is very similar to other concussions. However, many athletes want to perform at a level higher than the average person.

That means these treatment programs will take into account an amplified strength and flexibility dynamic. There is also a cardiovascular fitness element for these concussion treatments in Newmarket protocols.