Vestibular Treatments in Vaughan

If you are looking for safe and effective vestibular treatments in Vaughan for balance and dizziness conditions, we can help. These procedures involve exercises and hands-on maneuvers. There is no medication involved. In fact, if these techniques are used properly, they are more effective than prescriptions.

To understand how these treatments can help, patients should know what causes these conditions. The vestibular system is located in your inner ear. It contributes to your sense of balance and focus.

Gaze Stability

The techniques used are matched to your goals and needs. They include a variety of different options like exercises that are designed to improve your gaze stability. That’s often one of the underlying causes of your dizziness.

The process starts off with a an assessment so we can learn more about your unique symptoms. Services offered include physiotherapy for balance problems and vestibular loss.

Motion Sensitivity

These treatments are effective if you have a variety of symptoms including a history of falls and motion sensitivity. Making sure to start out with an accurate diagnosis is critical. This includes a physical examination and a detailed medical history.

Vestibular treatments in Vaughan work on a variety of different conditions including Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

Concussion Treatment in Vaughan

We also have excellent concussion treatments in Vaughan services. These are specially designed to hasten your recovery and lower the chances of relapsing. No concussion is a comfortable experience. However, the services offered here including physiotherapy for post-concussion syndrome are safe, professional and get you feeling better as quickly as possible.

Repetitive Exercises

With this syndrome, a series of repetitive exercises speed the recovery process along. Cognitive training and vision therapy are two aspects. After a concussion, problem-solving, memory and even thinking can suffer. A number of brain training exercises are presented to correct these issues.

There are several phases to the concussion treatment for Vaughan patients offered by us. Finding the appropriate level of exercise for each individual is what the subthreshold cardio exercises are all about. This is one proven way to promote a quicker recovery.

Customized Exercises

If you’re suffering from fatigue, nausea or headaches, you might benefit from this concussion rehabilitation program. It’s extremely important to make an accurate diagnosis right away. Treatments might include customized exercises as well as manual therapy and even acupuncture.

The physiotherapy options treat sports concussions, mild concussions and even post-concussion syndrome. Our experience also looks after people suffering from symptoms after a motor vehicle accident.