Concussion Treatment Toronto

Every Concussion is unique to the individual and the occasion. So our Toronto concussion treatment programs are specially designed to meet the needs of each person and their specific concussion. We will start by carrying out an hour-long, in-depth concussion assessment. This helps us to quickly zero in on your specific problems & needs. Not every client will need every kind of treatment. We will select from a series of science-based therapies. Knowing what you need helps to better tailor therapy so that you can get back to work, sport or play, as quickly as possible.

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Physiotherapy for Mild Concussions

A large percentage of individuals with concussion get better within three months. To learn more about what we do to quicken this recovery, lower the chances of relapse and make your time with the concussion as comfortable as possible, click the link: Mild Concussion Treatment, Toronto

Physiotherapy for Post-Concussion Syndrome

After a concussion, a much smaller percentage of patients go onto develop a condition called Post-Concussion Syndrome. To learn more about this condition and how its treatment differs from that of a mild or early recovering concussion, click the link: Post-concussion Syndrome Treatment, Toronto

Physiotherapy for Sports Concussions

This type of concussion requires professionals with greater clinical skills and an understanding of when and how you can safely return to play. To learn what makes sports concussions treatment different, click the link: Sports Concussion Treatment, Toronto

Physiotherapy for Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) related concussions

Our knowledge of this kind of concussion, and Trilogy Physiotherapy’s expertise in dealing with MVA’s is a winning combination. To learn what makes MVA concussions treatment different, click the link: MVA Concussion Treatment, Toronto

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This information is not provided to self-diagnose. It is therefore very IMPORTANT that you also consult your doctor.
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